Terms of Use

ROK.YT is a free social shortening service and is provided as-is without any warranty or assurances of suitability for any purpose.

You may use the service so long as such use is conducted in a manner consistent with the intent of the developers of the site. You may be contacted regarding unusual usage in the event that such use becomes burdensome to support.

Use of the site or its accompanying API must be done in such a way that all requests are initiated by a human interaction. For example: if you use the ROK.YT API in your application, the user of your app must initiate the creation of a Short URL—they must not be programmatically created en masse or in an unnecessary manner.

Content posted via ROK.YT was done so under the explicit request of one of its users. In accordance with Safe Harbour provisions, ROK.YT cannot be held responsible for content posted.

As a registered user of this site, you may be contacted from time to time with service notifications and feature announcements.

The terms of use outlined in this document were posted with the intent that they be informative to users. These terms are subject to change and there may be inconsistencies as to the enforcement of such terms.

If you have any questions regarding the above or would like to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.